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Amanda Chea

During my time at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office I have learned many new and interesting things. I’ve become more knowledgeable about the responsibilities of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and that everything is done for the well being of the Commonwealth as a whole, not only one person or victim. This aspect of the Commonwealth Attorney’s office is really interesting to me because, I believe that doing things that will better the entirety of the community rather than just an individual is what helps make communities prosper and develop. Another aspect of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office I find very interesting are the involvement of Victims’ Advocates. Prior to interning here, I basically had no clue on what a victims advocate actually was. After spending the last couple of weeks with Mrs. Persley I now know that victims’ advocates are crucial and vital and serve as an liaison between the attorney and the victim. Their jobs are to make everyone’s lives easier and I think that is really cool that there is someone in the legal system that does this. I also really like the way everything is organized, like in JustWare, and how correspondence is noted and everything that relates to a case can be found quickly and efficiently. Even though it sounds a bit mundane, I like the days in the office when Mrs. Persley and I respond to her emails and write letters to the victims. I also like the days when I have been able to watch things in court. Although I have watched crime shows, it is very different in real life and they are very educational. During my visits in the courtroom I’ve become more aware of procedure and know more about how the criminal justice system works. One of my favorite things I’ve done is go to a Friday Docket. I think it is interesting how judges interact with the defendants and make decisions on their rulings. Its very eye opening on how everything actually operates and what happens. I look forward to seeing more!

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