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Maya’s Internship

During my time, here at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, I have not only learned, but have gotten to experience some things that I will remember my whole lifetime. With this being my second time here at the office, I have gotten to move forward and learn even more than I did the first time. Everything done here at the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office is very tedious and must be done a certain way.  One of my favorite things to do at the office is calling victims and transcribing. Transcribing is very difficult because you must make sure you catch every little word and sound anyone makes. Observing court is also very neat because the way it is in life isn’t the same when you watch it on television. The amount of time I’ve spent here with Briana has been nothing but amazing.  She has shown and taught me things that I never thought I’d get to learn about. Briana’s job as a victims’ advocate helps people feel safer while going through the process of trial, I hope to be as great as her someday.

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