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Thomas Lewis Community Service Student

As the school year begins to wrap up and my time here as an intern/ EBCE student is close to ending, I can definitely say that, coming here every B day has been very intriguing and incredible. At first, the closest I came to see or doing anything related to law was in my academy classes at Frederick Douglass High School. Over there I take; Criminal Law and Procedures, Business Law and Introduction to Law, but coming to the Attorney’s Office was very exciting for me. While I was here, I was able to; talk to attorneys from both sides, sit in on trials (the infamous Trinity Gay murder trial), listen to interviews done by the police (and transcribe them), and research cases in the computers database. When I graduate from Carter G. Woodson Academy later this May, I plan on continuing my academic career at the University of Kentucky, where I will major in Pre-Law and minor in Political Science. Early on, I realized how complicated and overworking things can be while being an attorney, having an advocate be appointed a case, contacting the victims and giving them status, going to either District or Circuit Court for certain hearings, and more, it was everything I expected. I have seen just about every case that can be brought to trial and a lot more, the firsthand experience I got from this site has truly helped me in my future plans of being an attorney myself. The type of lawyer I want to be, however, is a decision that’ll take time, as the field of law interests me enough that I would not mind being a lawyer for all sorts of situations. Being surrounded by victims’ advocates was a new experience for me, as I have never heard of that before. The work that these wonderful women do is extraordinary, they work for very long hours, stay on top of business, hold meetings every so often, contact their victims on a daily basis, and just all-around act as a voice for the voiceless. I have always seen myself as someone like that, an attorney who will focus on what really matters in a case, which is providing relief for my client in the promise that the perpetrator that harmed them in anyway, form or fashion, will be punished for the crimes they committed. From the time I was young, my great grandmother always thought I would be a lawyer, or take on a profession that involves me speaking, and being able to be a EBCE student here has helped me make that dream seem like reality. While others may have been here for more than just a year, my limited time here has influenced my aspirations of continuing a career in law, even after I graduate college. I want to thank everyone at this office, who I was lucky to meet and spend some time with and thanking them for allowing me to use some of their resources and for letting me sit in on some of their trials, where I got to learn more about how the courtroom operates and everything that goes on from within. I hope to take this experience, learn from it, cherish it, and let it guide me to be an attorney in the Commonwealth.

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